A helping hand in the fight against COVID-19


Our colleagues have helped to create the app “Apturi COVID” (Stop COVID), which will provide support to people in Latvia in limiting COVID-19. Autentica is one of the ICT companies that invested effort in its development. The technical solution for the application is the result of public involvement in accordance with the memorandum on public participation in the restriction of COVID-19. By using the app, each user will help protect the health of their family, neighbors, as well as the entire population of Latvia.

In Latvia, we are currently actively fighting the spread of COVID-19. So far, we have protected ourselves from the virus with simple, yet effective methods – we stay at home, wash our hands and keep a 2 meter distance. As restrictions are lifted and we go back to our work routine, we should keep practicing caution.

To help stop the spread of the virus, the locally developed app "Apturi Covid" is available for anyone to download to their smartphone.

How does the app work?

  • When leaving the house, the user activates the Bluetooth function on their phone.
  • If in the last couple of weeks the user has been exposed to COVID-19, they receive an automatic notification.
  • Others are protected, and the spread of the virus is limited.

Data is encrypted and stays private; all detected contacts are only stored on the user’s device.

The app is provided by the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and some of the biggest companies in the country participate in the initiative, supporting social responsibility to keep the country safe.

Let’s break the COVID-19 chain together and make the work of our medics a bit easier!

Download "Apturi Covid" from App Store or Google Play.

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