"It’s so cool to be a tester!” and other sentences you don’t hear too often


Our colleague Armands Baranovskis made a presentation “It’s so cool to be a tester!” and other sentences you don’t hear too often” in Theory and Practice of Software Testing (TAPOST) 2014 – 15th international conference “When testing is Sufficient”.

The TAPOST conference continues a series of annual conferences started in the year 2000. The objective of this conference is to establish a communication and knowledge sharing on software testing among all types of IT professionals, researchers and students. Priority is given to the industry experience and frontier theories and practices. This year it took place on 25.09.2014 and its main topic was “When testing is Sufficient”.
Lately there has been a lot of talks on software craftsmanship, however they mainly emphasise the coding aspect. Testing, however - be it unit testing, security testing, usability testing - is as important to ensure a quality end result.
What is it exactly that testers do? Is testing really a valid career choice?  Why are you even in IT? Why is it so cool to be a tester?  These are just a few questions that Armands tried to find answers for. There is no universal answer – everyone to whom these questions seem relevant should look inside him or herself for an answer. The goal of the presentation was to give additional food for thought to those struggling to find the answers… or even the right questions.

Armands Baranovskis presentation can be viewed here: “It’s so cool to be a tester!”
All conference presentations can be viewed here.