Latvian ICT Professionals' Day Events


From 19.03. to 22.03., Latvian ICT professionals went through a series of events dedicated to Latvian ICT Professionals’ Day.  We attended Riga Technical College to tell what programmers should know to be successful in job market and what are the latest technological developments.

College students learned how to choose the programming language and development tools depending on what their first independent project would be. Students also get an idea of other things that are not directly related to programming, but will be useful in their career development.

Autentica supported ICT Professionals Day conference, which was held on 22.03.. During the event, leading specialists in the ICT industry, academics from Latvia, students and young entrepreneurs discussed the industry's challenges and latest technologies and achievements, such as quantum computers, data visualization, cyber security, machine learning and other areas. The most talented students received Lady Ada Lovelace Award and Charles Babbage Award, presented by the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Latvia and the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Latvia.

This year, Lady Ada Lovelace Award was received by the student of the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Latvia Anastasija Ņikiforova for active and productive work, as well as promotion of the field of computer science.

Charles Beybidge Award was granted to the student of the master's program Laser Technologies at Rezekne Academy of Technologies Pāvels Cacivkins for active and productive work in the field of computer science.