This year we have four shadows!


As part of Shadow Day we hosted four inquisitive young people-“shadows”, who got acquainted with daily life of programmers, project manager and system analyst in our company.

Shadow Day is a world-known and widely recognized career education program created by Junior Achievement for students of 1st to 12th grade. During this day students attend different work places and for 4-6 hours watch daily life of people working in profession they are interested in.

Shadow Day aims to familiarize students with various professions and requirements of industries in order to help young people to choose a profession and properly prepare them for the job market.

This is a program that has for many years successfully included choice of career in educational process, is encouraging young people to plan their future during their school years. Through cooperation between the school, community and work environment, Shadow Day promotes integration of young people into society and the labor market in the future.