Workshop “The system of workflow management – JIRA”


At the 6th of September Atlassian JIRA system specialist Gerda Zandersone from Autentica in The Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry managed workshop “The system of workflow management – JIRA”.

In the workshop discussed about what is workflow management systems, what is Atlassian JIRA and how this system can be used in different areas of business.

Workflow management systems are used to organize processes of business both inside of the company and outside – communicating with customers and suppliers of company. Latvian companies currently widely practices such systems in IT field. Although they are simple and easy to implement and usable in any area of business, they are not widespread in other fields.

Processes of business are become easy to follow and control by practicing workflow management systems. Any process in the business can be divided into sections to be accomplished by solving tasks. Every task needs to be solved considering established procedures, defining priorities, responsible persons and deadlines. Exchange and maintenance of information is organized in system by adding comments and documents to the tasks.

Organizing tasks in system facilitates task management when there is more than one person involved. Information is maintained in one place and are not getting lost in e-mails. If the responsible person is absent it is convenient and simple to take over his managed tasks.

More detailed information can be acquired at Autentica as an Atlassian Jira expert representatives in Latvia.