By using well-designed processes and appropriate tools we establish direct and effective communication channel between users of the system and maintenance staff to ensure the fastest reaction time and full transparency of service level.

Successful maintenance service is provided timely and seamlessly to guarantee smooth functioning of the system and to ensure good user experience. We pay great attention to solve the root cause of the problem and take actions to correct the errors before they are noticed by users.

Software Maintenance

We provide software maintenance services according to best practices and service level agreement (SLA). Maintenance can be provided both for solutions developed and implemented by our company and for software developed by other vendor. We have vast experience in projects, which include enhancement of IT service management processes and taking over maintenance of solution.

User Support

We can provide user support remotely or onsite not only during software maintenance phase, but also during critical periods in your business cycle, e.g., reorganization. We provide single point of contact (SPOC) for all types of issues. User support may include training for key users and administrators of a solution.


Automation is very important when it comes to cost efficient IT service management. We do it as part of our software maintenance routines, but it can be provided as additional service for solutions, which are not developed, implemented or maintained by us.