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Application “Apturi Covid” got award "Platinum Mouse 2020"

Winners of the annual Latvian ICT award “Platinum Mouse 2020” were announced at the annual industry conference “DIGI-> FIT 2020” of the Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association on December 2.

In category “National Digital Transformation” award “Platinum Mouse” got Disease Prevention and Control Center’s (SPKC) application “Apturi Covid” which is developed by Autentica together with other companies of ICT industry initiative group.

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A helping hand in the fight against COVID-19

Our colleagues have helped to create the app “Apturi COVID” (Stop COVID), which will provide support to people in Latvia in limiting COVID-19. Autentica is one of the ICT companies that invested effort in its development. The technical solution for the application is the result of public involvement in accordance with the memorandum on public participation in the restriction of COVID-19. By using the app, each user will help protect the health of their family, neighbors, as well as the entire population of Latvia.

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