Family friendly workplace


We are very pleased to announce that we have been awarded the status of “Family Friendly Workplace”!

In order to obtain the status of the "Family Friendly Workplace" program implemented by the Foundation for Social Integration, the employer completes a self-assessment questionnaire and holds evaluation meetings with the program's consultant, during which the employer, together with the consultant, evaluates not only the measures implemented, but also the ideas and development plans for improving family friendliness in the workplace. The status is awarded for two years, after which the employer must re-evaluate.

The aim of the "Family Friendly Workplace" program is to promote the development of a culture of the working environment in Latvia that is empathetic, humane and understanding and supports the balance between work and private life in society.

More information about the program:

We are satisfied with the current rating and will continue to look after the well-being of employees and the work-life balance!