We believe that success criteria of IT project are working, usable software and added value to customer’s organization; therefore we comply with principles of lean organization and apply agile software development practices.

Our team has experience with wide range of business solutions (frontend, backend, mobile), technology (Oracle PL/SQL, Java, Ruby, Microsoft .NET) and IT project and service management methodologies.

Public Sector Solutions

We have vast experience in development of solutions for government institutions and public sector organizations. Our main domains of expertise are healthcare, welfare, education, agriculture, immigration and defence. Our solutions have helped streamlining organizational processes of state institutions and increased accessibility of Latvian government services to larger audience via e-services.

Integration & Large Scale Data Processing

By working with customers from telecommunication and banking industries we have acquired a lot of knowledge and experience in system integration and large-scale data processing. We are experts in performance improvement and end-to-end monitoring setup both for business events and system operation. Integrated solutions allow our customers to use all their data for better decision-making and business operations.

Mobile & Web

Our company specializes in corporate mobile and web solutions requiring integrations with many IT systems. By having focus on user experience and usability, we have created solutions that increase both customer and employee satisfaction keeping complex business processes behind the scenes.

Custom Development

There are occasions when existing, ready-made software products do not support your business processes; therefore development of new system is required. By embracing newest technologies and our experience, we are able to meet your requirements and create a solution just as you imagined it.