Quote 11 – R.Z.

“A fantastic team that always helps and supports! Since I started working here, I have gained a lot of new knowledge. Overall, the impression is very positive. The attitude towards the employees is good and welcoming. It is a pleasure to work and create something new together!” (Reinis Z.)

Quote 10 – A.S.

“Autentica” offers many opportunities to develop – by gaining work experience on large and complex projects, and by taking advantage of the training opportunities offered. It is pleasant to work in a modern environment that thinks about the latest technologies and trends, and also the working environment as such.” (Aigars S.)

Quote 9 -E.J.

“Working in “Autentica” , by accumulating small successes, our self-confidence grows. There is a commitment to achieve the goals that have been set. Colleagues share their knowledge and encourage them to continue on the path they have started. I wish everyone to be guided by courage, strength and determination!” (Elīza J.)

Quote 8 – U.A.

“It’s nice to be able to work remotely as well as from the office. “Autentica” has cool and open-minded colleagues as well as an understanding attitude from the management!” (Uldis A.)

Quote 5 – K.B.

“Autentica” offers numerous opportunities for self-improvement! It is a pleasure to be part of the team and work with open-minded and positive professionals in their field! (Kristers B.)


Quote 4 – K.K.

“It is a true pleasure that I chose to join the team of “Autentica”! Every day is like a new page in a book – full of adventures and knowledge! When faced with difficulties, you can always count on the support of your colleagues!” (Krišjānis K.)

Quote 7 – J.B.

“Autentica” is able to provide growth opportunities in different directions! There are understanding and helpful colleagues who give advice. I am very satisfied and see that I still have a lot of room to grow here!” (Jānis B.)

Quote 3 – SKI

“A great workplace that takes care of its employees and their growth. Responsive colleagues makes work in “Autentica” very pleasant.” (Sintija K.)

Quote 6 – VGU

“There are excellent technical equipment, organization of work, social guarantees, talent collection. “Autentica” is remarkable with its attitude to colleagues, customers, technologies and other companies. Respect, mutual understanding and humor make the work enjoyable!” (Valerijs G.)

Quote 2 – DRI

“The best choice in my life. A great team! It is possible to combine studies with work.” (Mareks Dāvis R.)