Quote 3 – SKI

“A great workplace that takes care of its employees and their growth. Responsive colleagues makes work in “Autentica” very pleasant.” (Sintija Kiršnere)

Quote 5 – KKR

“In my opinion, what makes “Autentica” good are the colleagues, together with whom it’s possible to beat any challenge! As an employee, I also appreciate the opportunity to attend various conferences and events.” (Kristiāns Kronis)

Quote 6 – VGU

“There are excellent technical equipment, organization of work, social guarantees, talent collection. “Autentica” is remarkable with its attitude to colleagues, customers, technologies and other companies. Respect, mutual understanding and humor make the work enjoyable!” (Valerijs Gusjkovs)

Quote 2 – DRI

“The best choice in my life. A great team! It is possible to combine studies with work.” (Mareks Dāvis Riška)